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Digital Chow - Page 9 - Emily - By Stickman - Overview
You decide you've had it with Emily. You rubbed your bloated belly and looked at Emily. You did love her, but you always told yourself that food came first. You thought about how you would tell her friends. Scratch that, you probably wouldn't. But, you could always not digest her. You shook your head, if she was going in, she wasn't going out.

You reached out towards her, but pulled your hand back. You knew it would be better living alone, but you did like her company. You took a nervous step forward, your stomach growling louder then before. She looked up at you with those blue eyes.

You swore under your breath and waved towards her. She smiled and looked back at the computer. You seemed it was time. There was no use in delaying the inevitable.

But you did delay. You delayed for about twenty minutes. You could hear her eating other players. That's when something inside of you snapped. When you saw her physical stomach grow bigger, your predatory instinct kicked in. You walked towards Emily, quickly but quietly.

You watched her turn around once more. Your mouth was practically around her head.

"A-Alex...?" she said shyly.

You began to rethink your choice...
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