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A Vore-Torn World - Page 127 - Slip Out the Back - By PurpSoul - Overview
Your can’t just sit here and wait to be caught. Silently but swiftly you stand and tiptoe to the back door. You turn the knob slowly and pull it open. It gives a little squeak, and you glance fearfully over your shoulder, seeing nothing. You back slowly out of the house, closing the door behind you, quiet as a mouse. As the latch clicks into place, you let out a relieved breath, and turn around.

You find yourself facing a pair of boobs. You gasp in surprise and jerk back as you are seized by two strong hands. A woman in a light blue police uniform glares down at you, her eyes hidden by a pair of dark sunglasses. She grips you by the firearms and turns you against the wall, shoving you face first against it. “Sneaking off, are we?” She asks as she handcuffs your wrists behind your back, her voice low and husky. “Didn’t expect to walk up on a burglary.”

“What? No, you’ve got it all wrong!” You protest as she jerks you off the wall and pushes you along in front of her, heading back around the house. “I’m not-ow!- I’m not a thief!”

“Oh no? Then what are you? What were you doing in that house?” she counters, pushing you towards the road.

“I...I live here!” You lie, trying to pull your hands free of the cuffs.

“Nice try, punk. I know the family that lives there, and you are definitely not one of them.” She says menacingly.

“Well, well, whatcha got there, rookie?” an older police woman calls as the two of you approach.

“Caught him sneaking out the back of the Miles place, Captain. I think he’s a burglar.” Officer Brown shoves you by the neck towards the captain, who catches your shirt collar with one hand.

“Burglar, eh? Well what a coincidence. This is your unlucky day, kiddo...” she tells you with a wink.

“N-no, there’s been a mistake!” you cry. With a sudden jolt, you realize you know this police officer. She’s a short woman, with dark brown skin and curly black hair. She has a portly frame, and wears a shirt far too small for her. Her breasts are mashed and nearly popping out of her uniform, and her bulging gut pokes out from underneath. Her hips are wide, with massive thighs and a round, flabby rump straining against the fabric of her pants. Barnes is her name... Edna Barnes. She was friends with your mother.

She must see the flash of recognition in your eyes, because she frowns and gives you an intent searching gaze. “Wait a second... I know you...” she muses, and you shake your head insistently. She can’t figure out who you are, if she links you to the crime scene... “You’re the Mosley boy! Marla’s kid!”

“Wait.... you mean... this is her son?” Officer Brown asks from behind you, jerking her head towards your house.

“Yep, this little boy as lived here all his life, haven’t you... Garret? Gary? Sorry dear, but I can’t seem to remember your name.... Gilbert! That was it, wasn’t it? My, you’ve grown, haven’t you?” Captain Barnes coos, smiling with her fat lips.

“No, th-that’s not me!” You argue, struggling to free yourself. You are a head taller than the fat little woman, but she’s leagues stronger, lazily holding you firm as she studies your face.

“Do you think... he might have done this?” Brown continues in a suspicious tone.

“Who else?” Barnes says with a sly grin. “Well, boy? Did you make that mess in there?” She asks you, nodding her head in the direction of your house.

“M-me??” You gasp. “No!! Sh-she was my mom!”

Barnes shows her teeth in a nasty smile. “Hmm, did we say anything about his mom, rookie?” She asks.

“We didn’t say anything,” she responds in a cold voice. Your heart pounds in your ears as you realize your mistake.

“I-I mean... I j-just...” you stammer, wiggling helplessly.

“If you knew what happened, why didn’t you call us, hm?” Barnes presses. “Why were you sneaking around? Sorry, little Gilbert, but your lies aren’t quite holding up, are they? Now be a good boy, and tell the truth.”

“I didn’t... I didn’t do anything! You have to believe me!” You cry desperately.

“Oh well,” Barnes sighs, feigning sadness. “I guess that means I have to take you in for questioning...” You hear Officer Brown snicker behind you.

“What d-do you mean??” You whimper.

“I have to take you back to the station for questioning, obviously. Only.... well, the suspects I’ve been picking up lately are never in in any condition to answer any questions by the time we get there... curious isn’t it?” Your mouth goes dry and you renew your efforts to break free. “But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be different!” Barnes says encouragingly, then rips your shirt off.

“No please!” You beg. “I can explain!”

“Don’t worry, big guy,” Barnes says in a jovial voice. “We’ll take your statement at the station,” she giggles as she unbuckles your pants and bares your privates.

“I w-won’t make it to the station though,” you cry. “You’re gonna eat me!”

“Eat you?? Oh don’t be ridiculous,” she protests, and you frown in confusion. She nods at her partner who grips your shoulders from behind. She forces you to your knees, and Captain Barnes turns around, chuckling evilly. “Don’t you know,” she begins, and you hear her undo her belt buckle. “Prisoners always ride in the back,” she finishes, and drops her drawers, revealing her massive black ass.

“Oh!” you gasp. Barnes grabs her meaty cheeks and pulls the fold of flesh apart, exposing her dark pucker. You can already see bits of shit caking her ass crack, and a second later you smell it.

“Sorry about the smell, kiddo. I was on execution duty this morning, so you’re in for a nasty ride.” As if to prove it, her asshole pulses with a “FHOOBT”, releasing a horrible stench directly into your face. You retch and splutter, and before you can recover, Brown puts a hand on the back of your head and presses you between her flabby rump cheeks. Poop smears against your cheeks, and the stench is already making your eyes water.

“Uagh!! No! Urk- p-please no!” You sob, but Brown gives a little shove, lodging your head halfway inside her rectum. You hear her grunt in disgust and pull back as far away as possible.

“Ugh, that’s nasty...” she grinds, wrinkling her nose. That’s quite an understatement, as you are finding out. Slick excrement coats the tight walls of her asshole. Brown pushes you in up to your neck, getting shit in your hair, eyes, and mouth. The deathly stench makes your head spin, as you are forced to suck in breaths of the rancid, shitty air. Barnes’s poop chute takes over the task of squeezing you deeper, pulsing on and off in peristaltic motions, so tight you think you might pop. That would be a mercy, you realize, as you are mashed into a chunk of solid shit. It squelches around your face, cocooning you in a fashion. You scream in horrified disgust, and immediately regret opening your mouth. Officer Brown lets the Captain take charge of your imprisonment and let’s go if you. You feel her tug off your shoes, socks, pants, and undies, no doubt to make your destruction easier.

“Nnnnngh...” Barnes grunts as your shoulders slip into her pulsing pucker. Your frantic wriggling does nothing to slow her, and she easily slurps you up her stinkhole up to your elbows. Her partner releases your hands from the handcuffs, far too late to aid you in your escape. The Captain puts her hands on each of her ass cheeks and pulls them apart to allow you easier entry. She squats with her feet apart with her pants around her ankles, groaning as she strains her bootie muscles. If you weren’t wedged halfway up her poop chute, it would look like she was trying to take a shit.

Brown stands back with her arms crossed, looking both smugly amused and faintly disgusted. “What a way to go... pathetic,” she murmurs. She grunts in revulsion and wrinkles her nose as a pocket of rancid gas squeezes out around your naked body with a long “Phhhhhwrrt...”

“Damn, that fucking stinks...” she complains, waving a hand in front of her face. You can just barely make out her words, blanketed as you are by filth and surrounded by gross, frightening sounds. You want to give her a piece of your mind, and tell her she was no IDEA what stink even means. The word carries a whole new meaning to you now. Your entire world is stench, and all you can do is cry and squirm like a baby as you wait in misery to become just a little more of the stink claiming you. Your own butt is about to disappear into hers. You can feel the pulsing ring of pink flesh squelching greedily over your rump.

“Ahh- nngh! You’re a bit... nn, bigger than I-ungh- thought!” Barnes pants. She grabs your ass cheeks with both hands, and pushes hard, forcing you deep up her shunt. “Nnnnnnnnnnngggh...” she groans. She leans forward onto her face, ass up in the air, with only your thighs and below still free of her smelly clutches. “Help me out... would ya, rookie?
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