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Mysta's Interactive Vore Emporium! - Page 1 - Mysta's Interactive Vore Emporium! - By mysta - Overview
Mysta's Interactive Vore Emporium!

Discussion thread:

Feel free to make your own additions! I will be moderating for quality, so try to write at least a good paragraph per chapter. :)
Wherever you see an unfinished option, feel free to add whatever you think is fun! (in crossover college, I deliberately leave 'something else' options open for anyone who want's to add a fun idea!)

Limitations on content? Basically none! I will be primarily adding f/f, f/m, h/f, h/m,unbirth, oral, anal cock and tail vore with labelled disposal scenes.
Want to add m/m, hard vore or other things I don't typically venture in to, feel free - Just make sure anything controversial is kept behind a clearly labelled choice.
If there's going to be disposal, place it in a separate labelled chapter please! Then we can make sure everyone gets to enjoy the story. :)

If you write a particularly good chapter, I may even ask to incorporate it into one of my projects (obviously I'd then be creating images/context to add to it too) So that we can spread the fun around! :D

World options include:

MMA (original)



Vore kingdom

Mysta's Vore RPG

Crossover College!?

And maybe more in the future!

So, pick a world - and lets dive in!

P.S. I'm adding an = sign to any option that leads to a completed story or a 'bad end'. So you can read blind and not have to worry about incomplete bits!
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