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Mysta's Interactive Vore Emporium! - Page 127 - Sprint for the door! - By mysta - Overview
Instantly, you start sprinting away, your hear pounding as you hear the thumps of her pursuit behind you. You turn the corner and see the doorway just ahead swinging open as a student stepped through. You lean forward, pumping your arms, hoping to slips through just before it swung back closed. You judged your timing, it looked like you were just going to make it-

Suddenly a foot slams into your chest and you are catapulted backwards. You hear a meyowl of delight from behind you flipping in the air just in time to see the catgirl leap up, jaws opening to catch you. And then a great squelching darkness as you plunge straight into her gullet.

"score!" The horsegirl by the door cheers, impressed at their kick.

The catgirl just purrs, blinking at them as she nibbles on her new catch. Her rough tongue rakes over your form. You try squirming away, reaching to push at the sides of the mouth with your hands as your hair is drenched in saliva, starting to sink into the pulsating throat in front of your face.

Feeling you wriggle, she bites down a little, her sharp fangs pressing painfully into your back. Then she gives her head a slight shake, the simple movement tossing your still mostly shrunken form about like a ragdoll, completely dazing you for a few moments. By the time you start to recover, it is too late and the throat pulses up to meet you, sucking your head down into the slick and squishy confines of the catgirl's neck.

At nearing two feet, you are still quite a mouthful for her, each swallow only managing to take in another inch or two of your body, but she seems to be in no hurry. She prowls casually back towards her dorm, giving an occasional swallow that drags you just that little bit further toward your doom. Your torso disappears quickly, an she nibbles happily on your butt for a while before taking that in. Finally, she enters her room, popping down on her bed just as she closes her jaws over your toes. Purring happily, she curls up as you settle down into a small bump in her hungrily churning belly.

Over the course of her long nap, you would steadily regrow inside her, even as your body melted. The catgirl was definitely getting more of a meal than she had bargained for when she decided to hunt you! Still, asleep as she was, she never noticed the bulge in her belly swelling up until, finally, it started to diminish again as you thoroughly liquified form was absorbed by her eager gut, some of you adding nicely to her cleavage.

By the time the sun rose the next day, the bump was mostly gone. The catgirl yawned lazily as she woke, stretching before getting up and already thinking about breakfast.
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