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Cooking Vore 'Dare' for 'Prey-Curious People' - Page 1 - Cooking Vore 'Dare' for 'Prey-Curious People' - By Kettleson - Overview
Cooking vore interactive with a perspective of a human prey (only female one at the moment but the story can be expanded later on). This is an unfinished work of mine and I'm trying to learn to use this interactive story engine of the site. I will probably permit anybody to edit this as soon as I get all the branches I have in mind written. I would like to keep this story accessible for as many fellow cooking vore lovers as possible by depicting varying amounts of violence and fatality in the scenarios, mostly reducing both to minimum and sometimes ignoring logic and realism. The emphasis is on the motivation and self-exploration of the prey. I'm sorry if this story offends people and glad if it brings joy to the vore community.
The story features soft and hard cooking vore and persuation.

Disclaimer: This interactive story is for erotic fantasizing. I'm not trying to promote cannibalism. Please don't get eaten for real, it's hazardous for your health!

Now, you take a lead as our story begins...

Are you ready?

It's about to start... just about... now.

Your breasts and rear end are going to be cooked and dined on while they're attached to your very torso and you're still alive and conscious. At first, you're strictly against an idea that ludicurous. They're YOUR titties and arse after all, for crying out loud, and you're quite fond of both. You're not going to let these complete strangers eat parts of you! Why, why, why, why in the world would you let them do that??? Out of the question! However, something makes you change your mind. What especially?
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