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The Maze of DOOM - Page 1 - The Maze of DOOM - By CrystalKiller88 - Overview
Welcome to the interactive! My name is CrystalKiller, your guide on this wonderful journey of treasure, adventure and LOTS of vore! You will play as Cole Bloodman, an adventurer seeking fame and fortune. Finding the treasure at the end of the maze will grant him both. It won't be easy however, the maze is filled with traps and hungry predators who would love to gobble him up! It's even rumored that certain parts of the maze have portals into other dimensions...

Now, for the rules:
-There are two versions of the story, one written entirely by me and one written by other people on this site.
-The types of preds are: Anthros, Monster Girls, Ferals, and characters from various video games and cartoons that came through the portals.
-There will be vore, of course, but the types will be: Soft Oral, Anal, and Ass Absorption.
-There will be scat, just a head's up if that's not your thing.

Other than that, let's have fun! So, which version would you like?
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