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Nintendo Vore Adventures - Page 1 - Nintendo Vore Adventures - By Drake_451 - Overview
Hello and welcome to my interactive story. In this story the many worlds of Nintendo are merged into one where characters from each can interact with one another. So characters from Star Fox, Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and so on are allowed (and others franchises). Their stories here are entirely up to you. Any setting is fine whether they are in a specific world like Hyrule or even a Smash Bros setting.

The story will contain mostly soft oral vore, but other forms of vore are allowed. Just be sure that another form of vore is not the only option. Sex scenes are okay as well. I'm fine with pretty much anything as long as anything hardcore is noted so the reader is aware of what they're getting into. If you have any questions you can PM me. If not, then have fun. I'll add a few starting options, a couple that I'll probably work on, but feel free to add your own options.

I guess that's it, so let's begin. From what series would you like to play a character from? If a series you want isn't on the list then you may add it.
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