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Dragon or Princess - Page 1 - A matter of choice - By elitadraconia - Overview

You are in limbo awaiting a decree from the goddess along with another spirit.  Neither of you can remember what you were in life, but it seems that neither of you were supposed to die just yet.

"I'm terribly sorry,"  The goddess responds.  "You see, one of you is a dragon in the physical world, all scaley and large with huge wings and a tail, the other of you is a princess from a kingdom that loves you.  You got seperated from your bodies in an accounting error.  Yes, even we have those in the afterlife."  She sighs a little.  "The problem is,we don't know which of you should belong in which body, because the files in the archive got a bit mixed up."  She turns to look at you.  "Okay, so which body did you have again and I'll put you right back.  You won't remember anything about this place and you may find it difficult to remember anything before that other than what you are, but then it gives you a fresh start.  So what were you, the dragon or the princess?"

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