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SNK Gal Fighters Tournament! - Page 1 - SNK Gal Fighters Tournament! - By Draconatedz - Overview
A mysterious vortex created by none other than Rugal Bernstein's daughter, Rose Bernstein, has ripped fighters from all across the SNK universe, to form teams and battle one another with one sole purpose in mind... find out who the ultimate team of warriors truly is! The catch is simple. The winning team must consume the losing team, one way or another. It matters not who on which team consumes the other, or if a single combatant consumes the entire other team, as long as a team leaves the ring with the entire other team inside them, all is fair game. All forms of consumption are allowed(though at least same size is encouraged), and it matters not if your own teammates are lost inside an opponent, as they will end up consumed along with the losers.

Those that manage to rise to the top have a chance at facing Rose Bernstein's ultimate warrior, in a climatic final battle!

May luck be on your side!

Official rules for the tournament.

1) The match isn't over until all three of the opposing team are consumed.

2) Lost members of your team are acceptable, but your team will have to continue fighting the next matches at a disadvantage(in other words, if you are left with one fighter, they must defeat an entire team of 3 opponents by themselves, if the next team has that many combatants remaining).

3) Battles are held one on one, in any order your team likes. Consecutive fights with the same fighter are allowed(i.e. fighter A defeats opponent 1, consumes them, then moves on to fight opponent 2, and son on and so forth).

4) Teammates may not step in during the middle of a fight, and the fight isn't considered over until one of the fighters is consumed.

Official rules for you, the writer.

1) I will create a mock up single elimination tournament bracket for the initial opponents below, so the first opponents are set in stone. After that, you the writer may choose which of the two teams they fight in the next round, based on the same bracket. You may also choose which fighters are remaining on the team for your team to fight, and if they've gained weight, and in what way(bustier, curvier, fatter, etc.)

2) If you so choose to end your own team with a loss, You can continue with the opposing team if you so please. Just make sure that is clear with your story entry.

3) Upsets and surprises are totally up to you, but try to keep it in the realm of the scope of the story until the end. Team endings are entirely up to you, and encouraged to be creative.

4)Digestion, disposal(optional, if you like it), weight gain, and rest between rounds are encouraged. The character should have back to their rooms to deal with the meals after a round, and you can decide on how things proceed from there.

Team options

Women fighters team - King, Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki

Psycho Soldier team- Athena Asamiya, Sie Kensou, Momoko

Yagami team - Miss X, Mature, Vice

Orochi rehabilitation team - Chizuru Kaguya, Goeniko, Shermie

Ikari team - Leona Heidern, Whip, Fiolina Germi

Pretty girls Team - Li Xiangfei, Hinako Shijou, May Lee Jinju

NESTS Team - Kula Diamond, Angel, Sylvie Paula Paula

Garou team - Blue Mary(Garou), B. Jenet, Hotaru Futaba

Christmas cake team - Elisabeth Blanctorche, Vanessa, Luong

Young boy team - Chris, Bao, Meitenkun

Trap team - Ash Crimson, Shion, Saiki

Pachinko team - Alice, Mui Mui, Love Heart

SVC team - Athena(ancestor), Kasumi Todoh, Chun-Li

Single Elimination Tournament Bracket

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