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The Kahnum's Mercy - Page 1 - The Kahnum's mercy - By Licklash - Overview
Mileena's Palace, Outworld.

The throneroom of the Kahnum is filled with an alluring pink hue, the scent of roses wafts around the room and into your shattered nose. Your body is savagely tugged and jerked by three Tarkatan guards towards the throne, the others watching and growling obscenities at you under their raspy breaths.

You glance to your right out of one the tall, pink tinted windows, and you see the smoke caused by your group's bomb, rising above the crumbling balcony it detonated on. If not for your sloppy timing, you would have been able to successfully dethrone the current Kahnum. You sigh with a mixture of disappointment and exasperation at yourself for your failure.

From the ominous cloak of shadows that blanket the Kahnum, bestial yellow eyes pierce you like arrows in a hateful glare.

The guards reach the throne and you are dumped down onto the floor before it, bound by your wrists and kneeling in the presence of the Empress of Outworld.
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