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The Kahnum's Mercy - Page 14 - Revalation. - By Licklash - Overview
"For your crime, I, Mileena Kahnum, shall sentence you to death!" She announces boldly, pointing down onto you from her lofty position.

As a silent, hopeless dread washes over you, you find yourself getting into deep though. Your team had failed, yet you were the one facing the brunt of the punishment. You wondered whether they'd gotten away or had been caught up amongst the guards, but your inquiries faded quickly from the anticipation of your execution.

"But...surely my sais have tasted enough blood for now, have they not? My Tormentors were fed at lunch and rolling heads can only excite crowds for so long. This only empathises the disgusting crime you've committed. For your heinous assault on me, I, am going subject you to a death far worse than most can imagine. I am going to eat you~" She purrs, her lusty yellow eyes shifting their gaze back to you and her fingers slithering to the edge of her stitched mask.
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