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Uninvited Visitor - Page 15 - Kidnap her - By TheHungryTiger - Overview
You tell her that was your plan. You smile as you tie a gag on her so she couldn’t scream and carries her out of the window, landing with a loud thud, and you begin to walk back home. She’s really heavy, which isn’t surprising, since she’s wearing armor. She doesn’t struggle, but she doesn’t go willingly either. You live in a small cabin that was in the middle of the forest. Once You got there, you tie her on to the bed.

Just as you tie her down, another girl walks in on you. She has long brown hair, and is wearing some of your old clothes, that don’t fit you anymore. They’re a bit small on her as well, and show off her curvy body.

She asks if this your house and apologizes. She says she got lost in the forest, and found this cabin. When no one was home, she thought this place was abandoned. After a brief pause, she asks you what you're doing.
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