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Uninvited Visitor - Page 2 - The Right House - By TheHungryTiger - Overview
You decide to try the house on the right, as it's probably the safer option, and if the size of the house is anything to go on, the bigger meal.

As you approach, you notice a large window next to the front door, but you can't see anyone inside, just some plants on the windowsill.

You try the front door, and to your surprise, it's unlocked. You slowly open the door, and walk inside. You look around, and again you see no one in the room.

Straight ahead, down the hall, you can see what looks, and smells, like a kitchen. The lights are on, and it smells like someone's cooking something.

However, you can also smell chocolate, a lot of it, with just a hint of peanut butter, coming from the room on the right.

Alternatively, you could instead go up the stairs on the left, but who knows what you could find up there.
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