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Uninvited Visitor - Page 241 - Go to the kitchen - By TheHungryTiger - Overview
Once the smells wafted into your nostrils, you began to stroll into the kitchen. You would ask, whoever is cooking, nicely, but they’d see the girl digesting inside you, so you may have to be forceful now.

It was your standard kitchen, not too small, but not too big either. There’s a fridge on the far wall, and a dining table, with four chairs, opposite the fridge. There’s a door to your immediate right, as well as one next to the fridge that seems to lead back outside. There’s a mysterious curtain covering part of the right wall. The left was is covered in cabinets and a counter, with a small window over the sink. There’s also a stove, an oven, and a microwave. All of which are on and cooking various foods.

In front of the sink is a woman, with long blonde hair, wearing a white shirt and jeans. You can tell at a glance that she’s not the same person you saw silhouetted before, as she’s too tall and very curvy. She’s facing away from you, looking out the window, but she seems to notice you right away, and starts talking without even looking at you.

She welcomes you, and says you must be the guest she's heard so much about. She apologizes for any trouble her roommates might’ve caused. She says they can be a bit... paranoid, and tend to go overboard. She heard you were hungry, so she's been preparing full course meal for you, she says she's sorry it took so long.
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