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Uninvited Visitor - Page 46 - Smash the door of the right house - By TheHungryTiger - Overview
With a small grunt, you rammed open the main door of the home, the axe on your back gently swung around as you forced yourself into the big home. You were hungry, and so you immediately searched for supplies.

Straight ahead, down the hall, you can see what looks, and smells, like a kitchen. The lights are on, and it smells like someone's cooking something.

However, you can also smell chocolate, a lot of it, with just a hint of peanut butter, coming from the room on the right.

There are also stairs on the left, but who knows what you could find up there.

Before you could decide, however, a woman steps out of the kitchen, obviously to see what that loud noise was.

She has blonde hair, with twin drill-tails, and is wearing a long, fancy blue dress. Even with that bulky dress in the way, you could tell she has a shapely body.

When she sees you, standing in the doorway, with an axe, she stops, too scared to even scream.
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