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You are who eats you! - Page 10 - Becoming Ava. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You fly upwards towards a drink and turn to see a lightning fast pink blur speed towards you! You're instantly stuck to the tongue and are pulled in the blink of an eye into the lips of Ava.
`You tumble in a crumpled heap off of the side of the tongue, your brain has been crushed so your just remain paralyzed but somehow can still see properly.
You feel yourself being played around with, rolled between her teeth as she talks to the bargoers.
"Eww," you hear Lucy say, "How can you eat those things?"

"Same reason you can't eat grass." Ava says in a sly but friendly tone.

"Oh, so like how he can't eat chocolate." Lucy says, turning to Kole for a second,

"Pretty much!" She replies, cleaning a glass.

You feel yourself get pushed around toyed with for a good 10 minutes, Ava occasionally talks to a customer or hums to herself, you feel her finally lift you up with her tongue and slip you down the back of her throat, you're pulled down rapidly and your mostly crushed body sinks to the bottom of the acid, you digest quickly and you vision goes white...

You suddenly open your eyes, a flood of memories fill your mind as Ava's mind is smelted to yours, you look down for a second and see your new body, it feels weird to say the least. You've never had breasts or female genitals before, and the scales feel even stranger.
`You get back to the task at hand, you share all of Ava's previous memories so you think to what she was doing a second ago, and turn to grab a glass from behind you, you pour a pint of beer and serve it to Glenn, and he pays nicely.
`You decide that working isn't your thing right now and say to the group, "I feel a little ill, ill get Sal to take over." They wish you well and you go to a door at the back, putting on a coat and calling Sal down from upstairs, he comes down to take over quickly.
`Sal is an anthro cobra, of the no-legs form. He's a light yellow and green colored snake with pearly blue eyes and a light yellow underbelly, he's usually quite charming and is hinting at dating you. He smiles at you whilst passing before you pick up what is your new bag and exit through a back door into the snowy streets.

After following a GPS on your phone home you stare at it from the outside, respecting how well Ava, now you, have done for themselves.
`You walk up to the front door and rummage through your pockets, emerging with a key! You unlock the door to the standard house and walk inside.

You first check out the house. One bathroom, one bedroom, a kitchen combined with a living room, a few storage cupboards and an attic. You walk into your new or more specifically, old bedroom and lay on the bed, a good nights sleep should do you better.
`You place your bag on a dresser and hang your coat on a hook of a walk-in wardrobe, and look around for some pajamas, finding some and drifting to sleep...

You awaken on a bright new day, looking at a calendar hanging next to a bedside table. Your work isn't until 6 o'clock so you have about 7 hours to mess around, you get some better clothes on, a fluffy hoodie and some jeans do nicely.

You make some coffee and think about what to do and eventually decide to...
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