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You are who eats you! - Page 9 - The Wicker Man's inn. - By FrozenEvil - Overview
You buzz down a pavement, towards the local pub and inn, a few cars bass on the frost-ridden road, the town seems a little busier than usual. You swerve past a few people before finding where you're looking for, "The Red Barrel" or 'Reds' for short.
`You buzz your way through a hole in one stained glass window and into the pub ahead of you.
The pub is a bustling social venue and the most popular in town at that. You look at the scene, there are 6 people around the bar, and around 20 others crammed by dining tables and two pool games.
`You fly upwards towards the roof in the smoke-filled room, the pub has no rules on smoking making it a little more popular.
You look down to the bar-stools to look at the people there, there's one of your old friends Kate, a white yellow-striped Samoyed anthro, she's drinking liquor and talking to her boyfriend, Kole, a tall Alaskan malamute. He leans down to pat his pet non-anthro Malamute and she jumps up, her name is Silvy if you remember. The bartender is an anthro lizard-girl named Ava, she's pretty nice and a little snappy. `The people next to Kole and Kate are some other friends, a human brunette girl called Lucy, a navy-blue male snow tiger named Glenn and a male buck named Jay.
`You listen to them just do small talk for a while, then you get a sly idea, you could always fall into one of their drinks and get back into your social circle the easy way...

You buzz down to the bar's counter and stay around the back rim, you fly seemingly unnoticed through the air and...
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