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Pokemon Mansion - Page 1 - Pokemon Mansion - By CrystalKiller88 - Overview
Welcome to the interactive! My name is Crystalkiller, your guide on this descent into some pokemon's belly. So, here are the rules:

1. Like my last interactive, located here:
There will be two versions of the interactive, one written by me, and one written by you, the good people of this site.

2. There will be vore, of course, but the types will be: Soft Oral, Anal, and Ass Absorption.

3. There will be scat, just a head's up if that's not your thing.

Anyways, you play as a charmander who got hopelessly lost and ended up finding an old mansion. Once inside, the doors lock and he has to complete challenges to escape.

Got it? Great! Just pick a version of the interactive and let's get going!
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