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The Vore Restaurant - Page 1 - The Vore Restaurant - By Halcyon - Overview
The Darwin Bistro was situated downtown at the intersection of two major city streets. Given that it was in the center of the busy city's entertainment district, as well as within walking distance of Demi University, the trendy restaurant saw more than its fair share of business. Hungry customers of all shapes and sizes flocked to the eatery in large numbers. They all wanted to try its famous cuisine.

In fact, The Darwin Bistro specialized in serving live prey to its customers. The Bistro didn't limit itself to animals, either - even real, living humans were fair game to be captured, possibly cooked, and served to the restaurant's hungry patrons.

Because of its prime location and enticing menu, the Darwin Bistro was packed with customers nearly every day from opening to closing. Catgirls, harpies, lamias, and even regular humans filled the dining rooms. Everybody wanted the same thing - to fill their hungry stomachs with live meat that wriggled all the way down their throats.

With that being said, it's time to start our glimpse into the daily operations of the Darwin Bistro, the most voracious restaurant in the city. But who will this story follow today?
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