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The Vore Restaurant - Page 35 - Isabel the Waitress - By Halcyon - Overview

Isabel was a sophomore international studies major at Demi University. Standing at 5'6", she was taller than many of her fellow human friends but virtually none of the demi predators that populated both her school and the customer base of the Darwin Bistro.

Despite the gravity of her student loans, Isabel didn't have enough spending money to her liking, leading her to take on part-time work as a server at the Bistro. Yet there were two things that often made work for her difficult. The first of these was how physically attractive she was, both facially and in body. Predators at school loved to pick on her, and that included her customers.

The second of these was her attitude. Isabel had no shortage of disdain for the predators who fed on human girls like her, and despite her best efforts, that sometimes carried over to her waitress job. Inevitably, her back-talking often got her into trouble with more than just the management...

Today is another day on the job for Isabel. Donning the cutesy maid outfit that Darwin Bistro servers were required to wear, the young human girl grabbed her notepad and headed over to her next table, which was...
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