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The Vore Restaurant - Page 36 - Angelina the Bunny Girl Waitress - By Halcyon - Overview

Angelina was a skinny bunny-girl demi working as a server at the Darwin Bistro. Like the rest of her species, she was the right size to eat a human or anything smaller, but was lower on the food chain than pretty much any other predator one might find in the restaurant.

That put her at about six feet tall with perky breasts, an attractive waist, and delicious-looking hips. Her near-flawless skin was a uniform pale tone, safe for the tuft of furry white - her rabbit's tail - just above her butt. The rest of her body was carefully and meticulously groomed. She had a full head of long, bright green hair which, together with her piercing yellow eyes, made her quite an eye-catcher for anyone glancing her way.

Today, Angie stood on the restaurant floor in her waitress's uniform. Hers was quite a bit skimpier than some of the other girls' - she liked to use her skin to bring in a few extra tips. It wasn't uncommon for her to do her job totally naked by the end of the day, either. The only problem was that her timid, often reluctant nature was a bit divorced from the flashy, sultry air she gave off... not that it mattered to the customers.

Who is Angie's first customer today?
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