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The Vore Restaurant - Page 37 - The Big Tanuki - By Halcyon - Overview

Angie sighed as she approached the freshly-prepared dish she was to serve to her current customer. The dish itself was a massive plate of pasta mixed with at least a dozen live, wriggling microes. Just as she went to pick it up, however, one of them managed to leap off the side of the plate and land on the floor down below.

Angie grimaced as she picked the tiny off of the floor. After looking around to make sure nobody was looking, she popped the little thing into her mouth and quickly gulped. Angie's throat bulged out briefly as it carried the tiny down her gullet and into her tummy.

The bunny girl smiled and rubbed her belly cutely as the unseen tiny began to wriggle inside of her. What a treat! Quickly composing herself, Angelina grabbed the plate and headed out onto the restaurant floor.

The customer was a big and bulky tanuki girl at least two feet taller than Angie. She had entered the air-conditioned restaurant practically dripping with sweat after a workout, and wanted a meal. Her tight athletic-wear clung to her body and accentuated her toned muscles... not to mention the hefty package obviously visible between her legs.

The tanuki had been waiting several minutes for her food, and she looked hungry. "About time!" She said as she saw Angie approach. "I'm starving!"

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