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The Vore Restaurant - Page 38 - Angie's Dirty Job - By Halcyon - Overview
"Hang on. Get back here."

The cute little bunny girl froze as she heard the customer call on her from behind. She had just delivered the food, and tried to leave. But, apparently, the bulky raccoon girl wasn't yet done with her.

When Angelina turned around, the tanuki spread her legs and pulled down her shorts, letting her hefty genitals - a generously-sized cock and balls - hang over the edge of the chair. "Come over here and take care of this while I eat. I got a lot of 'pent-up energy' I need to take care of, if you know what I mean~"

Angie shuddered. She really wanted nothing more than to get back to work, but the restaurant had a policy. It would be unreasonable to try and stop every predator who tried to take advantage of the pretty waitstaff, so it was in her best interest to just go along with it and appease her for a big tip. Requests for sexual favors weren't at all uncommon, though she didn't get them every day.

Angie stared at the tanuki's cock as she contemplated. The chub seemed to twitch in anticipation. She hesitated for a moment before deciding.
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