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The Vore Restaurant - Page 39 - Cock and Balls for Lunch - By Halcyon - Overview
Angie trembled. She knew that the huge Tanuki girl could probably easily overpower her and take advantage of her in any way that she wanted. With that in mind, she knew that she'd better shut up and do what she said... even if that meant getting down on her hands and knees.

With that in mind, the cute bunny girl bashfully hurried back to the table and carefully climbed underneath of it, sitting herself on her knees directly between the tanuki's legs. From this position, she was mostly concealed from view, though anyone who bothered to look under the table would probably be able to see her.

Angie's lip quivered as she stared at the meaty package in front of her. The tanuki's massive cock and balls - indeed, her entire muscled form - were a comical contrast to the waitress's own slender, diminutive form. Covered in post-workout sweat, they utterly exuded musk and pheromones. Trapped underneath of the table, Angie's head started to swim.

Gingerly, the rabbit girl began to stroke the cock with her delicate fingertips, feeling it twitch against her touch. As she gently wrapped her fingers around it, she brought her lips all the way down underneath to the tanuki's dangling scrotum. The bunny girl then began to lick and kiss her balls, basking in the overwhelming aroma of pure girl meat. The taste was unbelievable savory and salty, and Angie soon found her mouth watering as her licks became more vigorous.

When she felt the tanuki grow to a stiff girth, she pulled her face away from her nuts. The stiff cock inadvertently slapped against her pale cheek, leaving a dribble of precum on her face.

Angie wrapped her lips around the raccoon girl's cockhead and began to suck. As she did so, a mess of slurps and gulps came from up above. The customer was eating her meal. Her stomach started to gurgle, reminding Angelina what her fate may have been if she messed up...

Angie stayed sucking the tanuki's cock throughout her entire meal, which meant close to thirty minutes of fellatio. Not once during that period did her face move more than an inch away from the tanuki's flesh. By the time the customer laid her hand on her belly and belched, finished with her meal, Angie's face was red with exhaustion. Sweat and saliva had dripped all down her face and chest, and precum had leaked out all over her lips and inside her mouth.

Angie sucked on the tanuki's cock for another ten minutes after she finished eating, not daring to move until she said so. Then, just as she was dragging her soft lips across the tanuki's shaft for perhaps the hundredth time, she felt her balls start to tighten and her urethra start to throb, followed by a low moan from up above. She was about to cum...!
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