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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 1 - START - By Aces - Overview

This interactive is based upon the E.A.T.U. story series. East Adephagia Technical University is a college-level school for students with predatory abilities (some more latent than others) are sent to a school for their kind.

This series is part of an experiment I am working on, wherein if the main character perishes, the story shifts to the perspective of the being who killed them, usually by being eaten.

If you plan on contributing to the story, please join us on Discord! It's easier to share ideas on the fly.

Story may contain the following without warning:
- 2nd person perspective.
- Various kinds of Vore (duh).
- Post-vore disposal.
- Graphic digestion.
- Weight gain.
- Food play.
- Other stuff.

This story will never contain:
- Herms
- Cockvore
- Watersports
- Unkillable player characters
- Godmodding choices

Lastly, you may occasionally find drawn photos of characters within the story! Photos must have permission of the artist to be used in this story. If you see a photo, and want to know who drew it, click on the photo, as it will usually contain a URL leading to their gallery.

I think that covers everything.

Please do not hesitate to report grammar or spelling errors.

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