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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 103 - You're into tummies, regardless of gender. - By Aces - Overview
Suddenly, you feel Doki grab your wrist, and yank your hand forward to press against her doughy paunch. You can feel your fingers sink into the smooth, warm flesh. You can even make out the firmness of where her filled stomach is. It's still gushing with pancakes and syrup that her digestive system had already mulched. Doki then moves your hand in a slow, circular motion, encouraging you to rub her belly.

While your face turns red with blush, Doki smirks to herself. “So... you like tummies, hm?” she finally murmurs. “You remind me of my friend Mia... but a lot less shy. I like it.” Her stomach blorps against your palm. You can feel her abdominal muscles flexing around her meal, pumping it through her intestines.

Doki keeps this up for a minute. You remain enamored and entranced by her supple belly for the entire time. At some point, she had let go of your wrists, and you just kept massaging her gut—much to Doki's delight. Eventually though, it occurs to her that the elevator isn't moving. She abruptly stops, and steps out from in front of you to click the button for the next floor. “Heh, sorry,” she says, “Got a little distracted... but by all means, if you wanna keep rubbing my belly, come sit with me.”

The elevator starts to move again. The two of you are brought up to the top floor, and the elevator opens again.
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