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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 106 - Go all the way to the third floor. - By dokudoku - Overview
You reach the third floor. Your room number is just down the corridor, and the door is unlocked when you arrive.

Entering room 319, it's what one would expect to see in a small living space. Needless to say there wasn't much furnishing other than two basic beds, a single desk with a laptop and chair, a mini-fridge, and a dresser with a mirror upon it. Your bags had already been delivered, as expected, and currently rest upon what you presume to be your mattress. One perk you did not expect however is that your dorm has a private bathroom. As you look to the bathroom door however, you realize that you can hear the shower running.

The door isn't even closed. You can see steam flowing from the shower, but can't see the shower its self. Does your roommate even care? Surely they knew they would be having guests. Yet, as you stare into the open bathroom, you notice the clothes on the floor do not belong to a man. Scattered across the tiles are plus-sized women's clothing such as a large red set of panties, a set of black booty shorts, fishnet stockings, a black tank-top with some metal band's logo upon it, and lastly, a bra that looks like it could hold tits as big as your head. That doesn't make sense, though. Isn't this the boy's side of the dorms? Shouldn't your roommate be a male? Maybe there was a mistake, or maybe your roommate has a fat goth girlfriend.

Well, whatever the reason is, you have choices on what to do now.
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