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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 111 - Sit between the gator guy and the lizard girl - By gremlin - Overview
For a moment you just stand by the entrance, taking your time in deciding where to go or what to do. The cavalcade of exotic shapes and sizes of the other students is overwhelming your mind as you begin to make your first steps in the café. You are not even sure why, but you find yourself making your way towards the table of the reptiles; a small primitive part of your brain shouting at you for making such a bold move, especially since the words of the receptionists about Dragon Hall dorm are still fresh in your mind. By the time you come to your senses, you already find yourself on the other side of the table reaching for the empty chair.

“Hope you all don't mind if I sit here?” You ask as you look at all of them once more.

You are not even sure what kind of response you were waiting for, but it is certainly a mixed bag. The huge gator just shrugs like he doesn't really care, pushing another mouthful of fish in his maw. The python and the blue lizard girl just giggle and reassure you it's okay, while the dragon guy does not even appear to notice you, or at least he pretends he doesn’t.

The one thing you were not really expecting is the way the pink feathered girl reacts to your arrival. You see her green face blush to a darker tint of red as she looks at you. Your eyes can't help but wander down over the rest of her body that was obscured by the table before, but now you find that she is much bigger than you first thought. The majority of her weight had been spread out over the lower half of her body, so until now, much of it had been hidden from view. Her ample bosoms rest on her bulging fat gut, which is bigger than a basketball, but even that is dwarfed by the girl's gigantic behind which strains her gray sweatpants. Her massive hips and fat cheeks sag at the sides of her chair, leaving you to wonder if she originally intended to use both chairs at the same time but she was just too embarrassed to do so in front of others. Her thick tail fortunately (for her) obscures her green butt crack that would otherwise be exposed between her bulging upper asscheeks.

Nonetheless, you find yourself sitting between her and gator guy in the crossfire of several pairs of reptilian eyes. You can't help but compare yourself to a mouse that wandered into a snake pit. Maybe you should come up with something to talk about before one of them decides to have the 'mouse' for breakfast.
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