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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 118 - Begin unpacking - By Aces - Overview
You watch the bathroom door for a moment, but decide to worry about it later. You start to open your bags and put away your clothes in the various drawers tucked in the frame beneath your mattress. It's like a dresser and bed all in one piece of furniture. You aren't sure how long you've been busy, but eventually, you hear the shower turn off. Sopping wet footsteps pad across the floor, causing you to instinctively look toward the source of the sound.

Across the room, you spy a tall, incredibly fat skunk woman. Her back is to you at first, letting you stare at her massive posterior while she towels off her long tail. Her hips have to be over sixty inches wide, at least. Her supple rump wobbles like jello with every gentle movement she makes. The girl's waist isn't much more narrow. Love-handles fold over the sides of her back, indicating that she must be carrying an impressively obese stomach in front of herself.

As she turns, this suspicion is confirmed. The woman's gut sags in front of her with enough bulk that you could swear a person is inside, but with how absolutely fat her body is, it's difficult to tell. Her gut isn't as jiggly as you'd expect, however, and has some amount of firmness to it. Perhaps she had eaten something recently, but whatever it is, you couldn't possibly determine just by looking. It's too well padded under all those layers of flab. The woman's bust is no less impressive than her ass. Each of her jugs are nearly the side of her head, and her nipples have a piercing through each of them. Her face, however, is currently concealed by a towel that she's rubbing over her face and head.

That is, until she begins to dry off the rest of herself. The towel comes downward to fondle her heavy tits, and as it does, she reveals her currently disheveled hair, which is not much longer than a boy's hair, but she had dyed the normally black hair with streaks of dark purple. Her pointed ears also have rings in them, as well as a pair of matching purple gauges. Soon, her eyes open to meet your gaze, but rather than startle that somebody had been watching her naked body, you're greeted with a sultry smile across her short muzzle. Her vibrant gold eyes watch you as she continues to towel off; soon finished with her breasts, and now rubbing down her thick belly. It emits a gentle, barely audible slush as she kneads over it to mat the moisture out of her fur.

Without saying a word, she looks away from you again, and into the bathroom mirror. She begins combing her hair to straighten it out, then grabs for a hair dryer to blow across the rest of her. As her body dries, her supple body begins to shine brilliantly in the light, showing off just how soft she is not only with her obesity, but the immense fluff of her fur as well. While she's drying off, she speaks loudly so she can be heard over the whirring of the hair dryer. “So you're the new kid?” she asks. A grin curls over her lips. “You're pretty cute. I sure hope you're single.” She glances toward you with a playful wink, then she bends forward to dry off her thick thighs and lower belly. She somewhat deliberately shakes her ass at you while she's bent over.
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