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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 122 - (Lie) "Oh, uh, pancakes..." - By Aces - Overview
Well, you're not entirely lying. You did eat pancakes for breakfast—and a great deal of them, too! The naga watches you for a moment, before leaning in and flicking her tongue close to your face. If they were smaller, you might be able to stomach her, but as it stands, eating that naga would leave you immobile.

Soon, the naga settles back down on her own. “Now you're making me hungry.” She sighs. “I missed out on breakfast, and now I'm starving.” Her body shifts in place, and then you feel something touching the front of your neck. Before you can react, it's too late. The tailtip of the naga ensnares your throat and coils around tightly, choking off your breath, and then she drags you to the floor. The rest of the naga's muscular body begins to wrap around your chest now, compressing your torso until you can't breathe. Another loop of tail slips around your chubby hips and pins your thighs together. You try to struggle at the horrible realization of what's about to happen, but she already has too firm of a grip on your body. You can't escape. You can't even scream. The tail around your neck tightens even more, making your face turn red as blood circulation is cut off.

You start to feel lightheaded, and realize that it will only be seconds before she strangles you unconscious. While the naga waits for you to pass out, she casually strokes across your bloated stomach, musing out loud, “I bet you taste sweet, all stuffed with pancakes...” Then, the naga starts to lift you upward. Her tail tightens even more. It feels like she's going to snap your neck...
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