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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 317 - Swallow some air. - By PurpSoul - Overview
Eating this girl seems to have awakened something inside you. You're not sure what it is, but it isn't nice. As she stops struggling in your bloated belly, you find you were really quite enjoying her pitiful struggles.

"She's dying..." you mutter, and for some reason that excites you. "She's dying inside of me... she's my food." This notion is new and arousing, and you feel a rush of power. You're about to destroy a human being, a person... a girl. Because you were hungry.

But not yet. You want to feel her fight for her life a little longer. So you gulp down some air, and she immediately revives and starts squirming again. "That's better," you mumble, savoring the dominance you have over her. You rub your belly as it digests her ever so slowly, swallowing some air every now and then. You want her to die, but you want it to last.

Poor Doki isn't enjoying it half as much as you are. In fact, she's horrified and humiliated. "L-let me out! Hey, I'm a predator too! Aren't we supposed to be friends?" she cries weakly. "C-come on, please?"

You blink. Predator? You aren't a predator... you don't feel like one anyway. You look down at your pathetic snack as she fights against your belly. "I am a predator..." you breathe, and the words sound strange, but right. This feels so natural and easy, murdering and destroying this girl, it's as if you knew it all along. "I am a predator," you say more firmly. "And you... are my dinner." You grin as she renews her struggles, protesting.

"F-fuck you, you freshie bitch, I am NOBODY'S dinner! Grr, you are so gonna be my shit when I get out!" she pushes frantically against her prison, but she is trapped tight. However, her words did leave an impression on you.

"" you stammer, as realization dawns. You chuckle, eyes wide. This girl is about to be your poop. That thought blows your mind all over again... you knew about that part of the process, obviously, you just NEVER imagined yourself on this end of it, churning a young woman into stinky, smelly-

"Aggggh, it's starting to burn..." she moans from inside you, squirming even harder. Your tummy starts to groan and growl, acids seeping out over your meal. After a few minutes of her thrashing and whining and groaning in pain, she stops suddenly. For a moment you're afraid you broke your new toy already, but then she speaks up. "Oh.... oh no, oh god no... I'm... I'm your first meal, aren't I? No, nononono, this can't be happening to me... You're taking too long to digest me, your acids are too weak... I'll be stewing in here for hours!" she cries, clearly on the edge of tears. You smile, pleased by her horror.

"That's right, you got eaten by a rookie predator. It was fucking easy, too... and you better believe you're going to stew... I'm gonna make this hurt. I'm going to enjoy you as long as I can, bitch." You have no idea where this sudden cruel side of you came from, but you're too excited to care. "This is your punishment for being so weak."

"NO!" Doki sobs, all semblance of resolve gone. "Please, PLEASE let me out!" she pleads, the last of her pride vanishing. "I don't wanna die... not like this... I'm not ready... it's going to hurt so bad... it'll never end... nnnnngh..."

"Don't worry," you coo. "I'm not ready for you to die either..."

You ignore her scream of terrified agony as the painstaking process of her digestion continues, and hop off the elevator on your floor. You walk to your dorm, relishing the looks of fear and admiration you get from the people you pass.

"Nice, scored already? Way to go, freshie!" A boy a bit older than you says as you pass by. He looks with admiration at your squirming tummy, but before you can answer, your prey squeals suddenly.

"JEREMY!! Jeremy is that you? Oh thank goodness-It's me, Doki! Help me!" she cries. The boy frowns.

"...Doki? Like, wait... is that really you?" he says, leaning closer. You begin to feel a bit uneasy. You don't want to lose this meal.

"YES! YES! OHHHH,g-g-god it BURNS, Jeremy! Please get me out, get me out of this bitch's belly!"

Jeremy pauses, staring with disbelief at the pathetic form of his friend. Just when you think you're about to have a fight on your hands, he bursts into laughter. "Hahaha, what the fuck, Doki? You let yourself become freshie food? Damn, you're not as tough as you thought, huh? Who are you callin' bitch, bitch? You are fucked, man."

You breathe a sigh of relief, and grin sadistically, enjoying her humiliation.

"J-jeremy? No, no don't say that... You can't mean that!" she sobs desperately. "PLEASE! I'm your friend!"

Jeremy shakes his head, still chuckling. "You ain't my anything anymore. You are HiS, sweetie. His to do whatever he wants with, and I don't think you're gonna be around much longer, whatever it is." She wails and shrieks in betrayed terror and pain. "Guess I'll need to find another hole to put this," Jeremy continues, and then he humps her butt a few times, which is a little weird, but you don't mind as long as it makes her feel worse.

"Yeah, you might wanna grab that ass of hers while you can," you warn. "Cuz it's coming out of mine later, and it won't look so pretty."

"Right fuckin' on," Jeremy laughed, and he gives Doki a cruel spank on her digesting rump. She squeals in pain, and you wince as well.

"Okay, time for you two to say goodbye," you tell them.

"So long, Doki. I'd say I'll miss you but why lie? Anyway, I'll probably see you around, bouncing around on this guy's ass. Have fun being shit, bitch."

"Jeremyyyyyyy..." she wails. "Whyyyy...."

Jeremy laughs again, shaking his head. "Still can't believe she got eaten... by a freshman. But her, you enjoy her man. You've earned it."

You smile cruelly. "Oh, I intend to." With that, you enter your dorm and close your door, leaving you and Doki alone. You strip down naked to get comfortable, and lay on the bed, caressing your supper happily. Your dick, which had been contained by your pants, now stands erect, pressing into your prey, right in her ass crack. Every squirm and wiggle pleasures you more, and you make sure she knows how much you are enjoying her demise. Over the next few hours, you torment her, teasing and taunting her as her body is ripped to shreds. After a good while, she finally gives up, falling limp and sobbing in your belly as it melts her into goo.

"Finally done? Fuck, and you were supposed to be a predator? Pathetic. If this-" you are cut off in mid-jeer by...


Your eyes widen as a HUGE fart rips of your ass, filling the dorm room in an awful stench. "Ugh," you grunt, pinching your nose and glancing down at your shrinking tummy. "Is that you?"


Your cheeks split in yet another thunderous blast of gas, and gasp. "Holy shit.. I'm farting you out! Haha, I haven't even finished you off and I'm farting you-"


You continue to expel a choking cloud of stink into the room as Doki whimpers weakly. "How does it feel to hear yourself as a fucking FART?" you taunt. "Geez, just be glad you can't smell you..."

There's an almost imperceptible shift in your tight gut, and then Doki utters her final words, in a choked, broken whisper. "You're.... a m-monster..."

Then she pops. Literally, you feel her explode all over the walls of your belly, squashed like a rotten vegetable. You toot again, as your belly glorbles busily, draining the dead girl into your intestines.

You are hit again by the gravity of your actions, except this time, it doesn't feel quite as good. There's a pang of guilt, and a slight feeling of disgust. You're still hard, but you don't feel aroused anymore. You suddenly wished you hadn't tortured her so long... there was no reason to. Being poop is horrible enough, you could have shown her some dignity and mercy.

And yet another part of you is utterly content and fulfilled. She deserved that. She was weak, and soft, and so. Fucking. Delicious. She was meat, and you treated her like it. Simple as that.

You ponder these thoughts for a little while, and don't even notice yourself drifting off to sleep.
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