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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 318 - Later - By PurpSoul - Overview
You awake some time later, after dreaming of beautiful naked girls tied up and served on silver platters. You look down. Your belly is flat again, except you've become a bit chubby. Your love handles have a few rolls in them now, and a little chub hangs above your waist. Your thighs look chunkier too, and a quick examination of your ass reveals that it is slightly plumper. "She's just... my fat," you marvel, still coming to terms with that idea. A sudden poot escapes you, and the pressure in you butt reminds you that you didn't just turn her into fat. You rush to the bathroom and plop down on the toilet.


You grunt in shock as a series of massive turds drops out of your butthole, plopping into the toilet below. You suddenly feel something hard and round squeeze through uncomfortable, and you groan as you shit out her half melted and broken skull. Finally, you stand up and turn around. You stare for a moment, unsure how to feel. Your toilet is full of thick logs of poop, with scattered, shattered bones littering it. The skull sits atop it, looking sad and defeated. "Hi, Doki..." you mumble. Again, you find yourself at war with yourself. One side of you is horrified by the dead girl that just plopped out of your ass, and the other is smug and triumphant. The stench is overwhelming, and it both disgusts you and makes you laugh. That stink is HER. This is all that's left of her, and YOU did it. Finally, the war inside you ends as the bigger part of you wins.

You begin to masturbate.

A moment later, you watch Doki swirl away, a wad of toilet paper and your jizz on top of her as one final insult. The toilet flushes, and then she's gone. You fart again, then frown as something comes halfway out. You frown, and turn sideways to look in the mirror. A single leg bone is poking out of your rectum, and hooked on it is a pair of pink lacy panties, irreparably stained with brown. You grunt and pull them out, tossing the bone in the trash. You're about to do the same with her panties, but you hesitate. Then you smile. You walk to your wardrobe, open an unused drawer, and drop the first of your trophies in it. Doki's panties. You wash your hands and let out a breath. What now?
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