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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 438 - Take a shower - By epicprivate - Overview
You finish washing your hands and decide to take a quick shower. You turn on the shower and quickly head out of the Restroom to grab some soap and a towel, taking off your clothes in a rush as you do so. As your almost to your bags, you manage to lift up your snug t-shirt up to your head where it gets stuck for a moment.
"Damn,", you think to yourself, "I'm definitely gonna have to go up a size or two..."
As you peal the rest of your clothes off your pudgy frame, you grab what you came for out of your bags and head back to the shower, which by now is nice and hot.
You maneuver yourself through the shower curtain and are greeted immediately with the warm relaxing feeling of water trickling down your body.
You lather up and get to scrubbing, your newfound flab jiggles subtly as you do.
After a few minutes, you hear someone's footsteps move to your room. A gentle knock from the open door echos to the bath room. From there you hear Simone's voice audible ask, "Hey freshie, Imma use your toilet, your roommate ran out of paper."
A sudden uneasiness falls over you, before you can say anything Simone replies, "Don't worry I'm not gonna eat ya. Unless you're like your weirdo roomate, he was into the whole being Prey thing."
You collect yourself as you feel Simone's presence enter your bathroom. While you're not even able to see her, you can tell by the sounds of her footsteps she's definitely hasn't gotten any lighter.
You keep lathering and scrubbing and hear the toilet creak as Simone plops her massive ass onto the toilet seat.
As simone dumps out what's left of your roomate she decides to strike up a conversation.
"So freshie, was this your first time? If so, snagging someone like Doki is a serious feat. Mind you she wasn't top of the food chain or anything, but she could definitely be a gluttonous bitch when she wanted to."
You retort, "Was... She was a guttonous bitch. Now she's just the reason I don't fit into any of my medium shirts now."
You hear a few plops escape from the toilet bowl, then Simone replies flirtatiously,
"Oh-ho, you don't say? Gotta say Freshie, I'm curious to see how much of that porker added to your handsome butt. Mind if I hop in with you?"
You say...
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