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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 440 - Y'know what, why not! - By epicprivate - Overview
You accept Simone's offer and she squeals in delight, she finishes up with toilet and flushes causing the water to get scalding hot.
"Oof, ow!" You exclaim
"Whoops, sorry cutie! Simone replies.
You manage to break away to the edge of the bath tub, and part the curtain open to let Simone get in.
You're greeted to Simone's large frame, with hips twice as wide as your own. Attached atop her massively doughy hips are a pair of soft pronounced love-handles that gradually wrap in to her large gut almost like a tire, and finally resting atop her belly are a nice pair of heavy DD's.
"Oh so now you wanna ogle me up?" Simone says as she joins you in the shower.
"Hey now Simone, I'm just looking at what's left of my new roommate, he seems like a great guy." You reply snarkingly as you poke on of Simones meaty boobs.
"You're lucky you're cute Freshie, otherwise you'd be there with him. And besides it should be pretty obvious now that people tend to go straight to my ass, so quit poking my tis, I'm the one suppose to be fondling you remember!"
You lift up your hands in a defeated gesture and turn around so that your rump faces Simone.
"Oooh," she coos.
"I like your butt G!" Simone says jokingly while giving your toshie a gentle slap
You turn your head around, and give her judgmental look, as she starts to ogle your ass. Figures that the chick with a massive ass is into yours for some reason.
"What do you think?" You ask proudly
Simone replies flirtatiously, "Gotta say Freshie I definitely like Doki a lot more now that she's added to your bubble butt."
"She's definitely easier to get a hold of now!" Simone says as she squeeze's your cheeks.
Eventually after a few minutes of letting Simone rub your newfound flab, you decide to assert yourself flirtatiously.
"Alright Simone, I think you and Doki have had plenty of time to acquaint yourselves. Time for me to meet my roommate."
As you turn around to face Simone in all her bare naked goodness, she says "I know it might be tempting handsome, but try not to slide right in."
You affirm her that you wont, as she manages to maneuver herself to stick her massive backside at you.
"While your back there Freshie, you mind helping me get my back? If you couldn't tell I'm quite the fat-ass and cant reach back there easily."
You oblige and Simone parts her tail so you can get a good look in.
You start lathering the back of her shoulders and work your way down pass the folds of her back fat, then to the backs of her love-handles, then finally her massive ass, and upper thighs.
As the warm water trickles down her voluptuous frame you take note of the cellulite that sprinkles alongside Simone's enormous ass and thighs.
"God damn Simone! How many people did you have to eat to get an ass this massive?" you exclaim in sheer awe as you heavily fondle her rump.
She lets out a pleasurable groan "Oh sweetie, I lost track last my freshman year, and ya girls a sophomore. So lets just say a fucking lot."
After a couple
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