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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 74 - Shove Doki into your jaws first! - By Aces - Overview
You grip Doki's head, and before she can do anything else, you show her what a predator you really are. With a harsh shove forward, you see the last split second of Doki's startled expression as she yelps out, “NO—” before it's smothered into the back of your esophagus. She begins to scream and thrash, but you've already got the upper hand. Her arms are too tired to fight you off. With ease, you're able to heave her into the air. Her plump curves funnel down your gullet and into your belly, which stretches out until your shirt is pushed up out of the way. Now exposed, your stomach swells and sags with the curvy woman's weight as your jaws work their way over her supple belly, then her hips, both of her juicy thighs, calves, and finally her ankles. Tossing your head back in your rush to devour her, you take one last greedy glug. Doki sinks down your throat, and at last, her sneakers squeeze past your jaws, and through your neck. Soon, you feel her settle wholly inside your bloated stomach. Your shirt, you realize, had finally torn wide open from the effort. Everything from your chest to your gut is exposed to the open air.

Doki is reduced to a wriggling mass of food. Her muffled screams and begging is accompanied by intense jostles and lurches of your swollen gut. She punches and kicks your stomach around, throwing your body off balance until you stumble and fall. You land upon your rump with a loud thud.

Your stomach, meanwhile, begins to groan. Doki shrieks out loud as she feels the stinging enzymes upon her flesh. “OKAY! OKAY! I GIVE UP!” she yells. “FOR REAL THIS TIME!!” She's begging you now. However, she's too weak to upset your stomach at this point, and after only a few moments, she begins to settle down. “P-Please...” Her voice whimpers. “I'm sorry, okay?!”
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