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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 75 - Spare Doki a digestive demise. - By Aces - Overview
You clench your abdominal muscles, and force Doki up to freedom. Her body is now absolutely sodden in saliva and your stomach's juices. As she splatters to the elevator floor, this time, she does not get back up. She rolls to sit up and stare upward at you, a pouting glare upon her face. However, the glare soon softens, and she looks away. Her pride is shattered, and so is her predatory momentum. Her whole body is trembling from the experience, though at the same time, a hot crimson blush across her cheeks betrays that some part of her must have been enjoying it... Still, it's clear that she isn't going to admit that.

Soon, Doki silently shifts back onto her knees, and prepares to stand up.
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