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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 76 - Assert your dominance, and smother her with your belly. - By Aces - Overview
You decide you're not yet through with her, and grapple her by her head. Doki's eyes widen, “N-No!” Then, you shove her against your rumbling stomach. Her words go muffled.

As your gut groans in her ears, you tease her with the first words that come to mind. “You hear that? Let that be a reminder... Try any stunts with me again, and I'll send you pumping through my intestines... 'till you're nothing but flab.” Doki, whose face is now hidden by your stomach, responds only with an intense shudder at your words. Her arms hang limp at her sides, and she makes no effort to escape your grip anymore. You can literally feel the heat of her burning hot cheeks against your bare belly.
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