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East Adephagia Technical University (E.A.T.U.) - Page 94 - Scarfed by Doki - By Aces - Overview
Before you can do anything, or even scream for help, Doki grips you by the waist, and crams your head into her jaws without further warning. She lifts your shorter body up over her head and starts to chug. Her tight throat ripples around your head and chest, followed by your waist, where Doki pauses at your bum. She gives your ass a playful spank, making you jolt, before stuffing your rump in as well. What follows is a series of lazy glugs and swallows as you descend down Doki's esophagus, only to plunge face-first into the rancid slush of breakfast that her body had already been digesting.

Now that you're nothing but a femininely-shaped bulge in Doki's stomach, she lets out a satisfied belch. “Mmnf, that hit the spot...” Doki can be heard smacking her lips. “I normally don't bother eating girls, but... I've got a sweet tooth, y'know? And shy girls like you are just the sweetest...” A sadistic giggle is the last communication you get from Doki, who pats over your lump before completely forgetting about you. Acids start to soak over your body, which dissolve through your clothes until your naked skin is squishing up against the slimy walls of her now churning stomach.

Before long, you start feeling short of breath as the fumes of Doki's acids start to poison your air supply. Luckily, you're not made to suffer for long. Doki clenches her abdominal muscles around you, and forces up your air as a hot, rippling uuurrrrrrp. You then feel her body drop, and you slam into the stomach floor. Doki must be sitting down.

As your whole body starts to ache and sting, you feel Doki's arms kneading around you, rubbing the burning juices into your bare skin. Soon, your mental processes begin to shut down as your brain is starved of precious oxygen. You perish soon after—nothing but another meal atop of Doki's pancake breakfast, which is nothing but slurry now. In time, that's all you'll be as well... just a bubbling slop of mushy nutrients...
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