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Furry Suburbia - Page 1 - Furry Suburbia - By granblue - Overview
All around the city of Fluffburg, there lies vast stretches of suburbia, with rows and rows of houses, schools, and beautiful parks. Here, anthros of all species live together in relative harmony. So what are distinct differences between an anthro society and our more familiar, human one?

Well, first of all, this is a clothing-optional society, since people’s fur keeps them warm and modesty enough. Since the climate here is quite warm, especially during the summer, most people choose to walk around bottomless, although they still wear t-shirts and such just for fashion purposes. Public displays of affection and even sex are likewise much more tolerated, within reasons.

The more important difference, however, is predators. Anthros have been preying on eachother since the dawn of time, and they’ve come to accept this as just the natural order of things. It isn’t unusual to see a big, powerful predator swallow someone whole in the middle of public, with bystanders not even batting an eye. Of course, this should also be done in moderation, as eating too many people, or eating the wrong person, may result in you being eaten yourself.

Without further ado...

┃1. Chapters that lack a basic display of effort and command of the English language will be deleted
┃2. Humans do not exist in this society, and as such, they should not appear
┃3. No cubs
┃4. Try to keep events somewhat reasonable for the setting

Besides that, almost anything goes!
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