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A voracious experience. - Page 1 - A voracious experience. - By Allemone - Overview
Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your eyes slowly open in response to the blaring alarm coming from your phone. Reaching over and picking it up, you quickly turn off the alarm before dropping it back onto the bedside table and closing your eyes.

But it's no use. Once you're up, you're up.

Cursing the fact that you had to wake up from such an awesome dream (in which your very attractive history teacher ate you), you sit up and grab your phone. You've still got some time before you need to get dressed for school, so you decide to check Facebook.

“Huh. That's odd...” You mutter to yourself. For some odd reason, there's an app on your phone that you don't remember installing. The icon for which appears to be a female genie.
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