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OVOREwatch Interactive. - Page 813 - See your next patient - By salamoun - Overview
Taking a minute to compose yourself, you can feel Lena struggling inside of you, trying to break free but only creating some pleasurable bumps on your stretched midriff. It might be a good idea to take a break and digest your current meal, but something in the back of your head demands more. The unbearable desire gets the better of you as you call to Mei to let the next patient in.

Wait, wouldn't it be a bit weird to invite someone else in when the last visitor haven't left? And how are you going to explain this giant gut of yours? So many rational thoughts start rushing through your head after you've already acted on impulse and now you might be in potential trouble. But before you can come up with any elegant solution, the door suddenly opens as your next patient walks in, finding that it's...
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