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OVOREwatch Interactive. - Page 814 - Hannah Song - By salamoun - Overview
"Hey Doc." The Korean pro gamer walks into the office as you hurryingly stumble behind the desk, trying to cover your protruding belly but failing at it miserably.
"Oh I didn't know you were preggo, Mercy." The young girl points out as she looks at the prominent bulge you're desperately trying to hide.
"W-Well... I mean yes! Yea, I've been keeping it kinda low profile, but it's hard to really hide it at this point." You respond as you let out a little mental sigh of relief, the new arrival handing you a perfect excuse for your current condition.
"Anyway miss Song, what brings you here today?" You swiftly change the topic hoping to get the attention away from your wriggling tummy.
"You see doc, I actually came for...
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