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OVOREwatch Interactive. - Page 815 - A persistent stomachache - By salamoun - Overview
You could kinda relate to that one. Looking down at her midsection, you can definitely spot a bulge underneath the pink t-shirt she's wearing. "It's been going on for a few days now, at first I thought it was from hunger, but the more I ate, the worse it got. Drinking sodas or those stomach pills didn't really help either." She starts explaining as she rubs her belly, the orgal letting out a low groan.

"Well from your description of the issue, I think it might actually be from overeating, miss Song. What exactly did you eat in those past few days?" Your eyes keep scanning her little body, the girl being shorter then Lena was and her curves are less prominent as well, especially the ass and thighs are noticeably thinner. The upside was that there was more skin on display, besides her loose t-shirt the girl was also wearing only a pair of black short shorts that wrapped around her hips tightly and a pair of white sneakers that had her signature bunny logo on it. You absentmindedly lick your lips as you think of her going down your throat, barely listening to her responding to your question.
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