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OVOREwatch Interactive. - Page 816 - Junk food - By salamoun - Overview
"Mostly chips, dumplings, some chocolate and pastries. I've been washing it all down with Mt Dew and cola as well." The gamer girl points out as she counts the items on her fingers, trying to not miss anything. No wonder she has a stomachache, she's been eating pretty much garbage the entire time and now she's complaining about the concequences.
"Well there's your problem miss Song, you need to dial back on all those snacks and get some proper diet. Some protein, some vitamins, even fiber seems to be missing in the stuff you named out." You try to act professional but a contraction of your stomach, followed by a sharp kick from your first prey in response makes it difficult to focus. "Let's look if we can alleviate some of that pain, shall we? Please take off your shirt and lay on the table here." You instruct the girl as she follows your orders, taking off her shirt while trying to justify her actions.
"Well it's not my fault doc, ever since I enabled the stuffing requests, my donations have trippled. It's just that my viewers always want to feed me only the sweets and such, that's why I was eating so much of them lately." She tries blaming her fans as her apparel is thrown on the chair she was sitting on, revealing her braless B-cup breasts and a small potbelly resting right underneath them. You start practically salivating upon the breathtaking sight, the girl practically serving herself to you now as you get up from your own seat and waddle right next to her, gently rubbing that soft pudge she's complaining about.
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