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OVOREwatch Interactive. - Page 817 - Do your job - By salamoun - Overview
It requires immense mental fortitude on your behalf to keep it cool and not just devour her right here and now. You place your other hand on her upset tummy and start a gentle massage, feeling all the junk sloshing inside as you do so. You keep at it for a bit as your patient makes few uncomfortable moans, your actions clearly having some effect but neither of you are really sure if it's good or bad. After a one particularly firm press on the bottom of her soft midriff, the Korean's cheek suddenly bulge out as she tries to cover her mouth before releasing a decent belch.
"BUUUARP... Oh, excuse me doc." She blushes as you invite her to sit back up again. "I think that actually helped a bit, though it left this weird scratch in my throat..." Well at least you helped somewhat, but the sound of her relief only reminded you just how good it felt when you consumed the bubbly Brit before, seriously pondering if it's finally time to satisfy your own gluttony.
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