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OVOREwatch Interactive. - Page 818 - Let's just check on that throat first - By salamoun - Overview
Your medical pride pushing you further, you invite the girl to open up her mouth as you take a wooden spatula to hold her tongue down while shining a flashlight down her throat.
"Hmmm, it doesn't seem like anything is wrong in here." You lean in a bit closer, failing to spot anything that could be causing an irritation. What you didn't expect is another jolt from within of your engorged stomach, the force causing you to lose balance and fall directly onto your patient as both your hands and the top of your head gets lodged between the jaws of the confused Hannah. Grunting in annoyance, you try to pry yourself free as the smaller girl starts subconsciously licking all over your forehead, letting out soft moan that definitely was one of satisfaction instead of irritation this time.
Right when you think you might be able to escape this awkward situation, Hannah suddenly reaches over and grabs your sides, forcing you deeper inside of her instead as her mouth starts slowly stretching more and more over your head and arms.
"Um miss Song? Can you please let me out? I'm just sliding further in like this." You try to point out calmly, hoping the girl comes back to her senses and just spits you out, but to your dismay she just stuffs your face inside her maw entirely. You try to protest more aggressively this time, but you find it kinda difficult as you're now enclosed by the tight flesh, a sense of deja vu washes over you as you remember when Dr. Ziegler has eaten you back when you were you. Hannah just continues stuffing you down her throat, managing to wedge both of your shoulders between her lips before she gets onto those soft, bouncy boobs of yours. She chews on them playfully, causing you a strange arousal that you didn't know you could feel, making you regret that your hands are stuck along your head as your loins start to heat up. After she had her fun with the two enviable globes, she takes another strong swallow, her teeth brushing against the top of your immense dome. This is it, there's no way such a small missy would be able to ever eat something this big. She might try it at first but quickly gives up and you'll be out of her in no time, then you can finally slurp her up and be done with it.
You feel her lips straining, trying to somehow envelop that massive girth that is Lena curled up inside of you, but there's next to no progress as you silently celebrate. Her cute little hands grab the huge lump and try to shove it deeper inside of her, only really giving you a nice massage in return as you happily shuffle your feet, waiting to be spat back out any second now. But suddenly you feel her pushing on the bottom of your stomach as you're unexpectedly flipped upside down, your legs now flailing freely in the air as your predator wraps her arms around your stuffed midsection, trying to push you down once more.

No matter, no amount of effort will allow her to- *CRACK, GLLRRRK* a sudden snap echoes through the office as you're jerked downwards with most of your gut and therefore most of Lena as well is enveloped by the moist innards. Impossible. How did such a little girl manage to not only swallow a woman bigger then her, but with a second one stretching her as well. The noise was surely her jaw getting dislocated, but even then it seems nothing but Impossible that you'd be ever eaten like this.
Hannah however doesn't stop to celebrate, her maw sliding back together as she conquers the rest of your filled stomach, dunking your face in the mush of junk food that remains inside of her from the binges in the past few days. She starts steadily slurping up those meaty thighs of yours as you try not to barf from the stench inside of her, noting how much better it was when Angela has eaten you. It doesn't take long now till a pair of heels hit the floor, your toes vanishing behind the predator's lips as her now humongous belly almost reaches the floor from the table she's sitting on, the fleshy sack really dwarfing the rest of her body.
"BUUUUUUUUAAAARP" she lets out a tremendous belch, making you positive that whole hospital has heard that one. "Damn doc, you were right! I feel much better after all this meat already!" She announces cheerfully as she rubs the magnificent dome you've made, letting out a long yawn afterwards. "Jeez you're making me sleepy tho. I guess I should sleep this feast off, wouldn't you agree?" She asks playfully before collapsing back on the table, the food coma getting the better of her.
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