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Siblings' Revenge - Page 3 - Sasha: 10-year-old girl - By Unknown997 - Overview
You wake up in a dimly lit, soft fabric cavern. You quickly realize that everything around you looks exactly like the inside of your nightshirt when you put it on, but like a million times bigger.

Distressed and confused, you crawl and climb your way toward the light to try and figure out where you are. After pushing your way through some tight gaps, you emerge on top of your pillow and realize what's really going on: everything's not huge -- you're small. You're also naked.

From the top of your bunk bed, the carpeted floor beneath you looks like the bottom of a cliff that Wiley Coyote would fall off of, splashing down to his doom in the water below.

You've got to figure out a way down from here.
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