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Pete's Vore Adventure - Page 1 - Pete's Vore Adventure - By RealZikik - Overview
Pete felt extremely nervous. He had just moved with his mother and his sister into a new town and it was his first day of school. Unfortunately, Pete had no idea what the school was going to be like, or even what the town was like. Pete had never even heard of it until his mother told him that they would be moving. Back in his home town, he didn't really have many friends, but hoped it would be different now.

After he woke up, he got out of bed and got dressed. Then, he went into the kitchen and made himself a bowl of cereal, which he finished in just two minutes. Then, he poured himself another bowl, that took him slightly less than two minutes to finish.

Next, he headed to the bathroom, pulled out his toothbrush, and got some toothpaste on it. Then, he brushed his teeth. After he was done, he went and got his stuff together. Before he could leave, his mother caught him.

"You ready for school?" she asked, slightly concerned.
"Y-yeah. I'm ready." responded Pete, nervously.
"I know the change was kind of sudden," said his mother, "and that this is kind of a strange town, but-"
"It's okay." interrupted Pete.

Pete knew about how strange the town was, but he found it fascinating. Despite being nervous, he felt like he was also looking forward to it. No matter what happened, he was sure it would be an interesting day. He looked at his mother and told her that he loved her.
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