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For Science! And Endo! - Page 1 - For Science! And Endo! - By ProfessorMystery - Overview
Before we start, here are the rules:

1) Female hosts ONLY. If you want male hosts, look elsewhere.
2) No hard vore, same-size vore, or having the main character get digested alive. The only things that get digested and/or hard vored are bugs.
3) PLEASE use proper spelling and grammar!
4) Any host 17 or under shouldn't be put in sexual moments (i.e.: having sex and masturbating) Any host 18 or older can be in sexual moments.
5) Any host 14 or under mustn't have a choice where you can go inside their vagina. Any host 15 or older can have a chapter where you can go inside their vagina.
6) When creating a new host, describe what she looks like and her age. Be sure to follow the two previous rules when it comes to the host's age.
7) No "Journey to the Center of Mind" things. If you want "Journey to the Center of Mind" things, look elsewhere.
8) Have fun and go nuts.

Okay, now let's get this going.

First off, are you male or female?
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