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The Legends of Vorule - Page 1 - The Legends of Vorule - By PurpSoul - Overview
Legend of Zelda based vore interactive! That's pretty much it, a collection of various and gratuitous vore stories set in the Zelda universe. If you've read A Vore-Torn World (, my other interactive, you can expect pretty much the same stuff. Just to make it easy, here's a list of things you might see.

Female Preds
Male Preds
Shemale Preds
Monster Preds
Male Prey
Female Prey
Underage Preds and Prey
VERY Underage Preds and Prey
All Kinds of Vore
BRUTAL Digestion
Sex (consensual and otherwise)
Scat (primarily disposal)
Gas(burping, farting)
All Kinds of Abuse
Misandry(google it)
Lots of Death
General Nastiness

Yeah, pretty nasty stuff. Don't read if you don't like nasty~

Here are some things you will not see.

Willing Prey
Hard Vore(well, maybe some blood)

As with my other interactive, the choices you make are limited. You don't get to decide what happens, only what your character does. Those choices will have consequences and effects on the story, but you don't decide what the NPC's will do. For instance, there won't be a "she eats you" choice.

But enough of that, onto the story! Choose what game you'd like to start in below.
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